About Us

Our mission is to help people improve their emotional health and relationships, by merging the best in clinical psychology with cutting-edge AI.

The Future of Emotional Health

Getting to know ourselves, and being comfortable with our emotions is hard work, and the bedrock of healthy relationships. As a team, we saw that the market for self-help was flooded with sales people, generic books, and ‘coaches’ selling the cure for everything. Therapy is a great option for those that can afford it and that can find a great professional. People needed a different option, something that is affordable, accessible, and personalized.

Our Team

Mark Evces Ph.D.
COO & Clinical Board
Max Buriwck
Founder & CEO
Jenna Daly LCSW
Director of Product & Clinical Concepts
Derek Larson
Dani Gilbert
Head of Training and Content Development
Jamie Hall
Financial сonsultant

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